Helin Xu | 徐赫临

I am an undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, and I will be joining UC San Diego in 2023 Fall. During my undergraduate study, I have been very fortunate to be advised by Prof. Xiaolong Wang, Prof. He Wang and Prof. Yebin Liu on computer vision and robotics.

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  • [2023/03] GAPartNet selected as Highlight (top 2.5% of all submissions) at CVPR 2023 with final reviews of All Accepts.
  • [2023/02] Two papers accepted to CVPR 2023.

  • Research

    My primary research interests lie in embodied AI (robotics and 3D vision). I aim to develop embodied agents that understand their surroundings and have generalizable perception and manipulation skills in diverse unseen environments.

    DexArt: Benchmarking Generalizable Dexterous Manipulation with Articulated Objects

    Chen Bao*, Helin Xu*, Yuzhe Qin, Xiaolong Wang
    CVPR 2023
    ArXiv / Project Page / Code

    We propose DexArt, a task suite of Dexterous manipulation with Articulated object using point cloud observation. We experiment with extensive benchmark methods that learn category-level manipulation policy on seen objects. We evaluate the policies’ generalizability on a collection of unseen objects, as well as their robustness to camera viewpoint change.

    GAPartNet: Cross-Category Domain-Generalizable Object Perception and Manipulation via Generalizable and Actionable Parts

    Haoran Geng*, Helin Xu*, Chengyang Zhao*, Chao Xu, Li Yi, Siyuan Huang, He Wang
    CVPR 2023, Highlight (top 2.5% of all submissions)
    ArXiv / Project Page / Code / Dataset

    We propose to learn generalizable object perception and manipulation skills via Generalizable and Actionable Parts, and present GAPartNet, a large-scale interactive dataset with rich part annotations.

    Research Assistant, UC San Diego
    2022.03 - Present

    Research Advisor: Prof. Xiaolong Wang
    Research Assistant, Peking University
    2021.04 - 2022.03

    Research Advisor: Prof. He Wang
    Research Assistant, Tsinghua University
    2020.06 - 2021.04

    Research Advisor: Prof. Yebin Liu

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